Nurses Feed Their Young

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50 Minutes | 1.0 Contact Hour

Nurses Feed Their Young

38% of nurses wanted to leave the bedside in 2022. Chronic staffing shortages, sustained heavy workloads since the global pandemic began in 2020, negative culture, feeling unappreciated, and lack of self-care all contribute to nurses leaving the bedside. Nurses want life balance, reasonable workloads and positive work environments. Yet, nurses continue to treat each other poorly with the attitude that “nurses eat their young.” Nursing cannot afford to wait any longer to change nursing culture and improve nursing work environments. This offering has been developed to educate nurses on how personality science and emotional intelligence can be used in nursing to improve both nursing culture and work environments.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this program participants will be able to:
  •    Identify 2 key reasons nurses are leaving the bedside
  • Identify 3 ways the “Nurses eat their young” phenomenon occurs today
  • Verbalize 3 characteristics of emotionally intelligent people
  • Identify 3 ways personality science and emotional intelligence can be used in nursing to improve nursing culture and work environments

About Teresa Sanderson..

Teresa Sanderson helps nurse entrepreneurs & hospice liaisons get in front of medical and community referral sources so they can serve more clients. An RN for 30 years, she is a Certified Case Manager and was formerly a Certified Hospice & Palliative Nurse. Teresa maintains an active Nursing Continuing Education Program accredited by the Kansas State Board Of Nursing and serves as a Business Coach to nurse entrepreneurs and as a Hospice Marketing Consultant to organizations across the US. 

She resides on a homestead in rural Northeast Kansas with her husband, dogs, livestock and honeybees.
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