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Go From Application Prep To Provider

In 5 Simple Steps

Step 1 : The Application Process

This is where you learn how to grab your application online and find out the correct window (date) to submit.

Step 2 : CE Program Coordinator

This will guide you to identify the educational and experiential criteria your CE Program Director must have. Remember – this doesn’t need to be you; it needs to be someone with appropriate credentials.

Step 3 : Prep Your Policies

This is where you will identify policies and procedures that are required and develop them to match how you will manage your CE program. Not a big fan of policy writing? I got you! My easy to follow policy templates are included!

Step 4 : Your CE Offerings

This is exciting! You will prepare 1-3 CE course offerings to be submitted with your application. Don’t worry though! You have my templates to guide you!

Step 5 : Ready, Set, Submit!

This is where you will go through the process of reviewing your application for submission and finally SUBMIT IT!

Teresa Sanderson


It’s simple, really. You want to learn from me because I’ve done it…multiple times! I know what it takes to run a successful nursing CE program because I’ve done it myself for years. Most of the information I share is not even available anywhere else because most CE providers don’t want to increase their competition. That’s not who I am. I believe there is space in the world for the success of ALL of us, and I WANT you to succeed.

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