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Wife, Mother, Grammy, Homesteader, & Goat Lover

Oh, and she’s also a hospice marketing consultant who launched and grew her own hospice to $3M in annual revenue with just a $6K investment! A 31 year RN, Teresa now serves as a Preceptor for Nurse Entrepreneurs, a growth strategist and consultant to hospice organizations, and as nurse culture change agent.
She has a knack for taking complex concepts and distilling them down to what she calls “simple kitchen table science.” This is what people love most about her teaching and coaching style. She has simple methods and strategies designed to be easily duplicated so that everyone can succeed.
Whether you are looking for solid strategies to increase your hospice census WITHOUT expanding your service area, strategies for successfully launching, growing and scaling your own business as a nurse entrepreneur, or are a nursing leader longing to transform the culture on your unit, Teresa teaches it all.