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Equip yourself as a nurse or nursing leader with an understanding of personality science & emotional intelligence to immediately make a difference on your unit!

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The Problem

38% of nurses are planning to leave the bedside in 2022.

What can be done to improve nursing retention?

Nurses are tired of negative culture, no time off, lack of life balance, and not feeling appreciated by employers as well as patients and families. Nursing leaders are in a vicious cycle of bringing new nurses in while watching others leave. 

In a recent poll 48% of nurses reported they want to leave the bedside due to stress and burnout while another 43% cited lack of life balance as their primary reason for leaving. Clearly, nurses are in trouble.

Patient emergencies are managed by stabilizing (or attempting to stabilize) body systems that are failing. I believe nursing retention can only be improved by addressing current organizational systems that are failing. And two of the most vital systems failing are nursing culture and work environment. 

Recruiting new nurses to work in the same old work environment and negative culture is a recipe for disaster. Expecting current staff to remain in this space is setting the stage for failure. While I recognize we cannot wait to recruit new nurses while we revamp culture and work environment, I see the importance of a three pronged approach as follows: 

1. Improve nursing culture and work environment by investing in emotional intelligence and communication training for your team; 

2. Strengthen nurse retention efforts by having STAY interviews with current nurses and gaining insight into why they stay and what makes them consider leaving; and,

3.Recruitment - Interview and hire nurses in a new way that is based on proven personality science which allows you to fully understand the value set behavior traits of each candidate before hire.

If you're ready to learn more about how to give your nurses good reasons to stay, contact us. We can help.

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Be A NFTY Leader

Nurses Feed Their Young (NFTY) Leaders are passionate about making a difference in nursing culture and work environments. They are the hands and feet of the movement and literally take it to the streets. NFTY Leaders coach and empower other nurses in our strategies to improve nursing culture and work environment. 

NFTY Leaders use their BANK iOS Coaching Certification to:
  • Engage and train individual nursing leaders & nurses
  • Teach our sponsored nursing continuing education courses related to Emotional Intelligence & Personality Science
  • Facilitate 12 week BANK iOS Coaching programs Walk the Talk, and
  • Do all the cool things NFTY Supporters do! 
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Write your awesome label here.

Become A Coach & Lead The Way To Change For The Better In Nursing

NFTY Leaders are individual nursing leaders are certified BANK iOS coaches ready to coach and train others in strategies to improve nursing culture. These Leaders recognize that changing nursing culture is no small task, and they get started anyway because they know that nurses cannot wait for support. NFTY Leaders are caring and compassionate people who genuinely care about nursing and long to see it advance as a profession. They are enthusiastic about bringing positive change to nurses around the world. NFTY Leaders Make Nursing Better and Make Nurses Matter. #makenursesmatter

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Be An Empowered Champion

Empowered Champions of the Nurses Feed Their Young movement understand that if nothing changes, nothing changes. They are willing to invest in leveling up their communication skills so they can improve their personal experience with nursing culture and work environment. The side effect of their training? Improved work AND personal relationships!
Empowered Champions help us IMMEDIATELY IMPACT nursing culture and workplace by:
  • Walking The Talk - They are the mission in action!
  • Adding value to nursing units around the world by being examples of emotionally intelligent humans
  • Demonstrating that EI improves nursing culture and work environment, nursing retention and the patient experience
  • Doing all the cool things NFTY Supporters do! 
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Write your awesome label here.

Get Trained & Immediately Impact Nursing Culture & Work Environment!

Empowered Champions are individual nursing leaders and nurses who choose to go through a 12 week coaching and education program led by Certified BANK iOS Coaches who are also nurses and can speak directly to the issues faced by nurses today. Once trained these nurses will return to the workplace and walk the talk and be empowered to communicate better in difficult situations, resolve conflicts much easier, and most importantly ensure that they themselves and those they serve are heard. Empowered Champions Make Nurses Matter. #makenursesmatter

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Be A Supporter

Supporters of the Nurses Feed Their Young Movement are vitally important in expanding our reach. This important role is also incredibly flexible, and anyone passionate about improving nursing culture and work environment can play a part! 
Here are some ways Supporters assist us:
  • Sharing a social media post made by NFTY Wearing a tee-shirt
  • Talking about NFTY when it comes up naturally
  • Setting up a presentation for NFTY with your organization or facility *
This activity is eligible for a monetary referral fee.
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Write your awesome label here.

You Can Be an Advocate for Improving Nursing Culture!

There is no time commitment involved to support the movement. NFTY needs your passion and willingness!

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