5 Unconventional Reasons Why I Would Choose to Be a Nurse

May 28 / Teresa Sanderson RN, CCM
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As we wrap up Nurses Month 2024, I want to share with you five unconventional reasons why I would choose to be a nurse, even in today's challenging times. Nursing has always been a challenging career, but in recent years, the struggles have become more pronounced. Staffing shortages, long hours, and the emotional toll of caring for patients during difficult times have put a strain on the profession. The general public is now more aware than ever of the issues facing nurses.
Despite these challenges, I firmly believe that nursing remains a rewarding and fulfilling career choice. Nursing has given me the chance to make a real difference in people's lives, to continually learn and grow, and to be part of a supportive and dynamic community. While the challenges are real, there are so many reasons why nursing remains an excellent career choice.

I want to share with you five unconventional reasons why I would choose to be a nurse.

1. Stability:

In these uncertain times when some business professionals are facing layoffs, nurses are still in high demand. We are needed at the bedside in hospitals, physician offices, schools, home care, hospice, and various other work environments. Nursing provides a stable career even when the economy is unpredictable.

2. Portability and flexibility:

With the Nurse Licensure Compact, it is simpler for nurses to work in multiple states. This flexibility allows us to change the course of our lives, whether it's moving across the country to be closer to family or enjoying working vacations to see the world.

3. Various specializations and opportunities:

A single nursing degree opens up a wide array of specialties, such as cardiology, labor and delivery, home care, hospice, surgery, perioperative, and even cannabis nursing. This variety allows nurses to switch roles and learn new skills, helping to alleviate stress and prevent burnout.

4. Emotional and intellectual fulfillment:

When we care for others and help them achieve their personal health goals, we experience a feel-good emotion that is hard to replicate in other professions. Despite the challenges of short-staffing, nurses continue to provide exceptional care and achieve wonderful patient outcomes. It's important to celebrate these achievements and give ourselves the recognition we deserve.

5. Impact beyond borders:

Nurses have the opportunity to serve people in underprivileged and poorly developed countries through travel nursing and mission trips. These experiences allow us to give back and connect with the people we want to serve in a unique and meaningful way.

As nurses, we are being called to speak up, step up, and stand up for our profession. By joining supportive communities, like the upcoming Nurses Feed Their Young Membership Community we can find belonging, engage in networking, and participate in leadership training and development. Together, we can advocate for ourselves, promote kindness and respect, and create positive change in our work environments.