Join Nurses Feed Their Young At The AONL Conference 2024

Apr 2 / Teresa Sanderson, RN, CCM
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The American Organization of Nursing Leaders (AONL) conference is set to take place from April 8th to 11th, 2024, in New Orleans, Louisiana. This national conference is expected to gather around 4,000 nursing leaders, making it an exciting opportunity for nurses to connect, learn, and grow. I will be there with Nurses Feed Their Young, exhibiting for the first time and we are so excited!

Listening to Nursing Leaders:

One of the primary reasons for attending the AONL conference is to listen to the challenges and pain points faced by nursing leaders. By understanding the current state of the nursing profession, Nurses Feed Their Young aims to tailor our offerings to meet the needs of nursing leaders and healthcare organizations. The conference provides a platform to gather valuable insights on staffing, retention, training, orientation, and new hire onboarding.

Sharing the Message of Nurses Feed Their Young:

This conference presents an opportunity to share the message and mission of Nurses Feed Their Young. We believe in transforming nursing culture from one where nurses "eat their young" to one where nurses "feed their young" and embrace them as diamonds to be polished. By promoting a positive and supportive work environment, we aims to address the chronic staffing shortages and reduce the number of nurses leaving the workforce due to toxic work environments.

Supporting Nurse Entrepreneurship:

We recognize the importance of supporting nurse entrepreneurship. By encouraging nurses to create businesses that allow them to earn additional income while continuing to work in healthcare facilities, we believe that nurses will be more excited about life and achieve their personal goals. Healthcare organizations are encouraged to embrace nurse entrepreneurship as it fosters innovation and contributes to a better future for the nursing profession.

Connect with Nurses Feed Their Young:

Attendees of the AONL conference are invited to visit booth number 1411 and connect with our Nurses Feed Their Young team! Take a selfie, learn about the organization's innovative solutions, and be a part of the movement to cultivate nursing leaders and transform the nursing culture.

Upcoming Nurses Month Celebration:

Nurses Feed Their Young is preparing an amazing Nurses Month celebration gift that will be free to nurses and healthcare organizations. To stay updated on this exciting opportunity, subscribe to the Nurses Feed Their Young LinkedIn page, follow us on YouTube, Website, or listen to our podcast.

The AONL conference 2024 in New Orleans, Louisiana, - 2024 Annual Conference/ AHA is an event not to be missed by nursing leaders and healthcare organizations. We invite you to join us in our mission to cultivate nursing leaders, innovate continuing education, and develop nurse entrepreneurs.

Together, we can transform the nursing culture and create a brighter future for the profession.