Navigating Nursing CE Credit: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Mar 19 / Teresa Sanderson, RN, CCM
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Welcome back to our series on nursing continuing education, where we are looking at some common questions you have about enhancing your professional development. Today, we're diving into the world of adding nursing CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credit to your courses.

Option 1: Establishing Yourself as a CE Provider

Establishing yourself or your organization as a nursing continuing education provider involves completing an application with either a state or national organization responsible for overseeing CE accreditation. This application undergoes thorough review to ensure compliance with established standards and procedures for developing and delivering nursing CE courses. While this option offers benefits such as autonomy and long-term cost-effectiveness, it requires a significant investment of time, resources, and commitment.

Option 2: Working with an Established Provider

Alternatively, nurse entrepreneurs can collaborate with an already established provider of nursing continuing education to add CE credit to their courses. This option is ideal for those looking to test the waters or offer a limited number of courses without the extensive commitment required to become a provider themselves. By partnering with an established provider, nurse entrepreneurs can leverage existing infrastructure and expertise to efficiently add CE credit to their courses and reach a broader audience.

Key Considerations

When deciding between these options, it's essential to consider factors such as your long-term goals, volume of course offerings envisioned, and available resources. Establishing oneself as a CE provider offers autonomy and potential for additional income streams but requires significant investment and commitment. On the other hand, working with an established provider offers a more accessible entry point and can be a stepping stone to future endeavors in nursing continuing education.

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