Nurses Feed Their Young Offers 30 Free Contact Hours of Nursing Continuing Education in 2024

Apr 16 / Teresa Sanderson, RN, CCM
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I am thrilled to announce an incredible gift for every nurse during Nurses Month 2024 and throughout the year. Nurses Feed Their Young will be giving away 30 contact hours of nursing continuing education credit to every single nurse who wants it, absolutely free.

The Educational Buffet

The first NFTY educational buffet will serve up complimentary nursing continuing education credits in four categories:

Clinical: Content related to clinical contact hours.

: Developing nurse entrepreneurs and supporting innovation in the profession.

Leadership: Cultivating nursing leaders with the necessary skill sets to lead for longevity and reduce turnover.

Self-care: Helping nurses implement and integrate self-care into their professional and personal lives.

Course Instructors and Offerings:

The lineup of course instructors includes passionate experts in their respective fields, such as a cardiologist teaching EKG basics. The education will be delivered through recorded video trainings, allowing nurses to access the content at their leisure. Participants can choose the courses they want to take and will be awarded credit for each completed course, with the ability to print certificates on demand.

Who Can Participate:

The educational buffet is open to LPNs, RNs, and APRNs. All licensed nurses are welcome to participate at no cost.

Support Community:

NFTY will also provide a support community through our website, featuring a membership area for chats, discussions, and engaging with other nurses on topics that matter to them.

Accessing the Educational Buffet:

The educational buffet will be available starting May 1, 2024. Interested nurses can click here to join and be among the first to be notified when registration opens. The 30 contact hours of nursing CEU credit will be accessible through April 30, 2025.

We are committed to supporting, celebrating, and recognizing nurses through this incredible initiative. By offering 30 free contact hours of high-quality nursing continuing education, presented by passionate experts, Nurses Feed Their Young aims to make a meaningful impact on the future of nursing.

Nurses are encouraged to share this opportunity with their colleagues and join the waitlist to be part of this life-giving and uplifting experience.