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Master The Skill Sets

Grow Your Audience

Serve More Clients

Starting A Business Can Feel Overwhelming

If you don't know how...

  • YOU may WASTE your hard earned cash on things you don't need

And that leads to to the heartbreaking decision of giving up on your dreams of starting your own business, living a life of time and financial freedom, and finally living beyond just Monday - Friday.  And I don't want that for you. Business & Marketing Made Easy For Nurse Entrepreneurs is the roadmap you need for business success. Our system and support will work for you.

Why Learn From Me?

First off, I've been exactly where you are—a nurse with big dreams of growing a successful business. Not only did I achieve it, but I've done it multiple times. So, when you learn from me, you're getting real-world experience, not just theory.

I know what it takes to start and manage a successful work from anywhere business because I've done it. More than that though, I've learned what works and what doesn't work. And that's where I can save you loads of time, money and frustration. You don't have to figure it out all by yourself. 

I'll share the best practices & short-cuts and guide you around the pitfalls and mistakes that I made and paid for. The truth is, when you invest in this program you're choosing to speed up your results and minimize your risk. That's where you'll find peace of mind as you move through each day of your journey from novice to expert in nurse entrepreneurship.

So, why learn from me? Because I've been in your shoes, I've conquered the challenges, and I'm here to help you make your nursing business massively impactful and successful. Let's do this together!
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Develop 8 Entrepreneurial Skills & Grow Your Business

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Step 1: Sales Savvy

We don't just teach you about numbers; we show you how sales is a people-centered game with a scientific approach. Say goodbye to the fear of selling and hello to success with Sales Savvy.

Step 2:  Website & Social

Learn how to build a Continuing Education (CE) ready website and optimize your social profiles on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, ensuring a powerful online presence.
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Step 3:  Creating Offers & Setting Prices

Showcase your products and services effectively, create irresistible bundled offers, and set prices that align with your true value.

Step 4:  Media Mastery

Craft impactful marketing messages for various platforms, including video, graphics, social media, blogs, and more, engaging your target audience effortlessly.
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Step 5: CE From A - Z

Gain valuable insights into how nursing continuing education can benefit your business! Learn how to assess CE needs, create an annual CE plan, book presentations, and get referrals!

Step 6: Marketing Secrets

Unlock advanced marketing strategies that keep your appointment calendar fully booked & have clients ask for your services by name.
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Step 7: Lead Magnets & Sales Funnels

Master the fundamental components of a sales funnel, growing your online audience, email list and marketing, and increasing sales effectively.

Step 8:  Intentional Achievement

Achieve your goals efficiently, reduce stress, and enhance joy with our time management system.
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Here's How My System Works...

1. Get Visible

Clarify your messaging so your people know you are talking to them. Then, get out there and show them who you are, what you do & why it matters.

2. Attract Your Audience

Show up with massive value and shower your audience with meaningful information they can use immediately to achieve their goals.

3. Grow Authority & Income

You become the only logical choice for those looking for your products and services. Your audience knows, likes and trusts you. Serve. Get paid. Repeat.


Course Instructor

Teresa Sanderson helps nurse entrepreneurs & hospice liaisons get in front of medical and community referral sources so they can serve more clients. She launched a hospice and grew it to $3M with just a $6K investment using only a nursing continuing education program as a vehicle for marketing. An RN for more than 30 years, she is a Certified Case Manager and was formerly a Certified Hospice & Palliative Nurse.

Teresa maintains an active Nursing Continuing Education Program accredited by the Kansas State Board Of Nursing and serves as a Nursing Continuing Education Consultant, a Marketing Coach to nurse entrepreneurs and as a Hospice Marketing Consultant to organizations across the US. She is the founder of Nurses Feed Their Young, a movement to improve nursing culture and work environment.

She resides on a homestead in rural Northeast Kansas with her husband, livestock and honeybees.
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